The C.A.L.M. PRINciples

Book Cover of The C.A.L.M. PRINciples – drawn by Prin in 1993

The C.A.L.M. PRINciples!

  • Music
    Enjoy music that supports your calm living goals. If you need meditation music, yoga soundtracks, short energy boosts during stressful times, or some tunes to help you sleep, The Calm Principles site is happy to share playlists and tracks with instrumentals, chants, meditative music, and more! Why is music calming? Music influences our brainwaves andContinue reading “Music”
  • Writing
    Writing has therapeutic benefits for those who create with the written word, and reading is one of the simplest forms of learning something new and taking a break. The goal of writing at The Calm Principles is to share creative works, short articles, and positive insights that are easy to read anywhere and anytime. FromContinue reading “Writing”
  • Education
    We are always capable of learning new things at any age and no matter our limited time. The Calm Principles is founded on growth, new habits, new skills, and ageless knowledge. This site will host a variety of videos, articles, and online platforms to learn more about music and writing as wellness tools of communication.Continue reading “Education”

The Calm Principles website features music, writing, and teaching ideas by Prin.

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The Calm Principles – book released September 2021!

The Calm Principles Ambient Music – album coming Fall 2021!

The intent for this website is to create a space to share ideas about calm living with a focus on music, writing, and education as wellness tools. If you’re interested in Prin’s other music projects, just visit at 🙂

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