Enjoy music that supports your calm living goals.

If you need meditation music, yoga soundtracks, short energy boosts during stressful times, or some tunes to help you sleep, The Calm Principles site is happy to share playlists and tracks with instrumentals, chants, meditative music, and more!

Why is music calming?

  • Music influences our brainwaves and can decrease stress levels.
  • Music that focuses on sounds (and not lyrics) gives the mind a break.

You are sure to enjoy taking a break with some relaxing music, adding your favorites to playlists on YouTube and Spotify, and developing a healthier relationship with music in your life!


Writing has therapeutic benefits for those who create with the written word, and reading is one of the simplest forms of learning something new and taking a break.

The goal of writing at The Calm Principles is to share creative works, short articles, and positive insights that are easy to read anywhere and anytime. From commuting or right before bed – short, succinct, and sweet.

Why is writing a calming tool?

  • Writing exercises have been used in various forms of therapy for many years.
  • Reading someone else’s ideas can give the reader a sense of not being alone.

Calm living is focused on slowing the internal and external pace of life. Each person exists within their own juggling act, and writing communicates more permanently than speaking. Sometimes we don’t have time to listen to what we hear, but when we read something, our brain retains it differently.


We are always capable of learning new things at any age and no matter our limited time. The Calm Principles is founded on growth, new habits, new skills, and ageless knowledge.

This site will host a variety of videos, articles, and online platforms to learn more about music and writing as wellness tools of communication. It will also welcome guest experts in the fields of music, writing, psychology, yoga, sustainability, business ethics, and holistic practices.

Why sign up for The Calm Principles emails?

  • The Calm Principles will be offering all of these education platforms for free!
  • People learn in different ways: videos, articles, and events.

When we share ideas, we all learn. Those who share learn how to share better next time, and those who receive the information may learn something new. The goal is to infuse life with positive information and to make small changes that build into a better state of overall wellness.