Access to The Calm Principles website is FREE. You can sign-up to receive emails with special announcements about music, writing, and education updates on the site. All free material will be available on the site itself, YouTube, Spotify, or through links that redirect to Prin or the other content creators. Emails will go out twice a month on Mondays, starting April 5, 2021.


This annual membership will provide monetary compensation for our content creators and assist us in securing quality guest presentations. Paypal will be setup soon to receive membership with a May 3, 2021 target launch date. The $20 annual membership provides a few extra perks that are not given with the free public membership:

  • Once a month, an email will be sent to Calm Living Members that includes 1 new instrumental song preview before it is available to public.
  • The same email will include 4 whole wellness tips and habits to try.
  • All Calm Living Members will get a special “Summer Slope” virtual package each June of ideas to integrate into personal and professional upgrades in calm living.

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