Music is for everyone…

Below, you will find some links to different music resources. All of them focus on the goal of calm living in some way. From meditations to instrumentals, or chants, you’ll find something each month to spark your calm journey with sound healing!

Enjoy the new album, The Calm PRINciples, available on all major platforms

The Calm PRINciples – new music album – December 17, 2021

Enjoy The Calm PRINciples album on YouTube!

Meditation Mind is a great YouTube Channel that has many videos focused on instrumental meditations, sound healing, sleep music, Hz frequency, and a variety of ambient playlists. Below is one of my favorite frequencies, 963Hz and a pineal gland activation frequency.

Music for Body and Mind – Meditation Music is another YouTube Channel that uses Binaural beats and other sound healing Hertz frequencies effectively. Below is a great 432Hz meditation track. Enjoy!

New Ambient Music

The Oooh Song by Prin is a new single, October 29, 2021 – focusing a simple vocalizing “oooh” sound over a meditative new age musical track with ambient tones. Find it on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major streaming platforms –

Free Meditation Music

Meditation in G96 – Meditation Music – instrumental – Key of G and BPM 96 – ideal for the Throat Chakra, focusing on opening communication. This song is available on ReverbNation site.

Instrumental Music

The Calm Principles YouTube channel features an instrumental list of songs and meditative vocal demos written by Prin. They are sound healing and some collaborative meditation efforts with Linda Alario and Elizabeth Djakov. From tuning forks to spoken guided meditations, there’s something for all of your calming needs. Some of the instrumental demos inspired Prin’s new album, The Calm PRINciples, due November 2021!

Yoga-Inspired Spoken Meditation
Hope, the butterfly with the broken wing – August 2020

The Calm Principles YouTube channel features a spoken meditation by Liz Djakov as part of her yoga sessions. Enjoy the spoken meditation here: less than 5 minutes!