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Calm Chats with Prin are a completely free resource to share perspectives about juggling music (and other creative) careers and parenting. These chats will take place on Facebook Live on Prin’s Music by Prin page. They will eventually be uploaded to a YouTube page in upcoming weeks. At this time, Calm Chats are open to all types of parents of all ages.

Calm Chats are pre-recorded and spliced ahead of time, and streamed “live” through OneStream. The live event requires that both participants are available for live commenting on the Facebook thread during the live stream. There is no current plan to create a Podcast or monetize the stream.

If you’d like to participate in a future Calm Chats with Prin, please, fill out the form at bottom of this page and Prin will contact you soon! 🙂

Due to my brother’s death in March, I took a hiatus from recording or posting these. I do have a Calm Chat ready to go that was recorded right before I took a break. Calm Chats will resume in September. 🙂

Calm Chats with Prin and Special Guests

Special Guest: Renae Patti Semeraro

Feb. 10, 2021 7:15 PM EST on Facebook Live

More info about Melody Mom:

Special Guest: Me 🙂 with my daughters

Feb. 23, 2021 8 PM EST on Facebook Live

My sites:

Coming up next – Calm Chat with Rose Calkins from February 2021! We’ll be resuming Calm Chats with Prin this month by releasing the chat I recorded right before my brother’s passing. Stay tuned!

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