Music brings me peace, which helps me be in touch with God, who lets me experience Love.” – Prin

The Calm Principles are an integrated calm living philosophy to support creative expression as a tool for overall wellness.

The idea to create this website for The Calm Principles came to me on January 20, 2021 as I was developing a clearer way of rebranding my creative projects to share my own music, writing, and teaching endeavors with others. My professional goal was to unify my skills into one purpose – wellness. My personal goal is to give my professional skills a clearer target – improving mental health wellness and overall whole person wellness through creative expressions and supporting creative peers.

I’m aware that wellness can mean many things to different people, and this is a space where all of those definitions need to be given consideration and thought.

My name is Prin, and I am a musician, writer, and educator for over 20 years now. I’ve juggled these 3 passions, because they are important to me. I believe that music and writing are fantastic wellness tools, too. In my years as a school and private teacher, and secondary, higher education, and specialized school administration, I’ve learned that remaining calm is an essential part of life.

On a more personal note, I am an avid supporter of mental health resources and have lived through my own journey with several mental health challenges and continue to do so. Over the last 20 years, I’ve grown so much and tackled so much of my trauma that I feel ready to share helpful insights to others. We all learn daily and grow daily, and while I may always have room for growth, I believe there is always room to share.

A few of my core beliefs…

  • Music is a universal language that can unify people.
  • Writing provides therapeutic effects.
  • Creative expression gives people a healthy outlet to communicate.
  • Being calm is not always synonymous with being silent. More on that later…


I came up with an acronym for the word, Calm.

C – Communication

A – Authenticity

L – Love

M – Myself

At the heart of this website is a real desire to share myself in a loving way with others through communication that represents who I am in an authentic manner.

The Calm Principles Community

This is going to develop into a supportive space where creative people can share their work with the collective goal to support calm living. While I do love sharing my own music, writing, and lessons, I would love to see this site grow into a platform for other voices, too.

Even if the only thing you do is remember to take a deep breath today, I will feel happy to have shared that moment with you.

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