The Book

The C.A.L.M. PRINciples book is an interactive book that shares an integrated calm living philosophy and ideas, including music, writing, and education. It’s a self-help type of style publication, but it can also be read in one sitting or taken in small sections.

From the Author – Princess Yvonne Dumas

I wrote the ideas for this book throughout 2020 and developed the final concepts for this website in January 2021. Most of The C.A.L.M. PRINciples are really simple ideas that support communication, authenticity, love, and knowing myself as tenets of the “principles.” There’s a spiritual aspect to the writing, but I also keep my opinions general enough for readers to apply these concepts to their own personal, professional, and spiritual lifestyles.

Publication Update:

As a result of my only brother’s sudden passing on March 6, 2021, I decided to delay the release of this book. I’ll be including a small section about dealing with death, and since I’m really in the thick of it right now, I wanted to wait to release the book when my head and heart were in a clearer space. I moved the original March 28th release date to a few weeks from now when I can focus on this project more fully. I’m in mourning, and I know people understand this. I am now targeting April (or May) for the release of the e-book and I will definitely have the paperback updated for late April or May. In the meantime, I am focusing on the calming music and writing my thoughts, because I’m also trying to listen to my own advice during this difficult time in my life.

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