A Year of Calm

A year ago, I launched this website after spending a few months creating demos of Instrumental and meditation music. The intention for this site fluctuated from something more interactive and educational to an open forum for calm living resources and my wellness projects. This year was calm and chaotic for me in so many ways…


January kicked off with my youngest turning double digits and my oldest getting her acceptance letter into college. I launched The Calm Principles website with plans to release my book in the spring and the new album by summer.


I upgraded my home recording equipment and began to increase my music production learning that I began when the 2020 lockdown started. My obsession with Hz frequencies and tuning forks began to grow, too. I released First Love Lament, a poetic book, published by Amazon. I launched Calm Chats with Prin for parents who also pursue creative careers. My husband got vaccinated and things were beginning to look normal again. My schedule opened back up for teaching piano lessons. All systems, go.


My brother died. I’m not sure much else mattered to me that month or for the rest of 2021. While I have been grieving, I’ve also had to continue living life and being there for those who need me. Life goes on, even when faced with death.

The Calm Principles

I postponed the book’s release and decided to adjust some of the content for The C.A.L.M. PRINciples. But in the end, 2021 was a very productive year for me personally and professionally. I published 3 books, released an album, and I worked through grieving the loss of my only brother.

A year ago today, I launched this new website to create a space for rebranding some of my writing and music projects. I wanted to distinguish it from musicbyprin.com and writingbyprin.com or any of my blogging projects. I asked for feedback and many steered me into what became The Calm Principles with a focus on music, writing, and education as wellness tools. Most of 2021 was spent planning and adjusting the plans. Looking back at 2021, it was a great year with huge hurdles, but I look forward to more “calm” projects in 2022 and fleshing out the acronym C.A.L.M for Communication, Authenticity, Love, and Myself. If you’re interested in learning more about The Calm Principles or would like to get involved, please, check out the links below! 🙂

The Book (paperback or Kindle)

The Album

The Facebook Group
Music Heals – Sound Healing and The C.A.L.M. PRINciples

The Website: (About)

2021 … I continued healing.

My oldest graduated college and half of my nest became empty.

We dealt with more Covid issues.

But 2022 is about continuing progress. It’s about communicating better. It’s about being authentic. It’s most certainly about love, and it is about sharing myself with the world, leaving it a little better than I found it in the only ways I know how.

As I said in my book, being calm is not always quiet. I’m proud of the book and album, and I’m excited to expand this site for 2022. Thank you for your support and feel free to send me any feedback about what you would like to see on this site. Come find me on Facebook and join the group!

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