The goal of sound healing is to create music that meets specific wellness goals. For many, relaxing is the general idea, and that’s why we all love listening to our favorite music as a way to unwind. That’s a bit different from sound healing though. Sound healing is when tones, frequencies, and specific percussive elements are combined to create an energetic effect in the body. Sounds funky? Well, if you’re new to the ideas of sound healing, feel free to do your own research on sound waves and how frequencies are used in the medical field. Demystify the concept of using music as a healing tool by understanding that it has been already used throughout human history. The only thing sound healing music does is create a soundscape of melodic patterns over any of the sound healing tools. For example, if I create a track that has a 432Hz tone in the pitch of A for 4 minutes straight, you’re likely to turn this sustained beeping-style sound off and move onto something else. There are also sound ranges that the human ear cannot hear, even though they are present! Sound healing makes it possible to embed the healing tool with more pleasant sonic experiences!

Okay, great, I want one!

Awesome! I’d love to create a song that is meant for you and your wellness goals. I’ll need to know a bit more about why you want to try sound healing and what your most immediate short-term goals are with your overall wellness. I would appreciate it if you share with me your long-term goals, too. You don’t need to write me a novel, but words matter here. Even though your song is likely going to be instrumental, it is important for us to be on the same page about what the music should do for you.

How much does this cost?

At this time, sound healing tracks will range for about 4 to 5 minutes, depending on the wellness goals. I have to write, arrange, produce, and do all of the technological work to complete the song. I’ll upload it to a YouTube playlist for you to access for free, and I will send you the MP3 file for you to save. The song remains under my ownership and intellectual property. I’m an ASCAP registered songwriter and publisher, and the song itself will be registered. However, you will be free to play it as often as you like! I’ll also take care of all logistics involved in releasing the song on music streaming. You can get this one-of-a-kind sound healing song for yourself for only $10!

Only $10 for a bespoke sound healing song?!

Only $10?! Believe it or not, creating music is rather fast for me. The goal here isn’t to be unreasonable. While it does take much time and effort to develop a track, I am well-aware that a song on iTunes is about a buck. Since this is a bespoke and custom-made service, you’re paying for the music being created around your wellness goals AND to have the MP3 file of the finished product. Ultimately, the song is still mine.

Please, fill out the form below and I will contact you ASAP to complete your song order.