Do you love making music? Does your music use Hz frequencies, binaural beats, singing bowls, tonal soundscapes, or any other ambient sound healing? Do you believe music can heal?

If you answered yes, then, yay! Let’s chat and see what we can do to feature your music on The Calm Principles website. At the moment, it’s all my stuff, and I began this site with the full intention of creating a space for artists who enjoy making ambient, meditative, yoga, instrumental, well – anything relaxing.

What’s the process?

This is free for both of us. We’re only link sharing.

You will need to have a shareable link of your music, and I am not picky about the type of link, as long as no one has to pay to access it. Spotify, soundcloud, etc… all good and well by me. If you have a private website, that’s perfect, just be sure the link you sent me does not require any subscriptions (paid or free). A big part of my site is to offer tools freely for those who are interested without the obligation of needing to buy anything.

Need help?

I’m pretty tech-savvy. If you need help selecting a site or uploading your audio files (or converting them), I have tons of ideas with apps and resources, depending on where you have your files stored.

Can I take my music off of your site?

Yes. This is always going to be your music, and our relationship on this site is purely to share. If for some reason you no longer want your link shared on The Calm Principles, or if you want to change the song, or whatever, just let me know.

How do I get started?

Please, email me at and send me the link (if you have it). Please, note that I will screen songs and check them to ensure they fit the branding on this site. 🙂 Submit your music!