We are always capable of learning new things at any age and no matter our limited time. The Calm Principles is founded on growth, new habits, new skills, and ageless knowledge.

This site will host a variety of videos, articles, and online platforms to learn more about music and writing as wellness tools of communication. It will also welcome guest experts in the fields of music, writing, psychology, yoga, sustainability, business ethics, and holistic practices.

Why sign up for The Calm Principles emails?

  • The Calm Principles will be offering all of these education platforms for free!
  • People learn in different ways: videos, articles, and events.

When we share ideas, we all learn. Those who share learn how to share better next time, and those who receive the information may learn something new. The goal is to infuse life with positive information and to make small changes that build into a better state of overall wellness.

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