Make Time Divine

Often in spiritual and wellness platforms, we hear others reference the concept of ”divine timing,” the belief that if we let go of expectations, things will align to the greatest good in their ”right time, right place” and we need to have faith in greater powers at play. I’ve always had a tiny issue with this.

I’m deeply spiritual, and I believe fate and free will waltz into eternity since the beginning of time. I know there are people, events, and moments in life that seem a part of destiny – inevitable. I do not, however, believe in ”divine timing.”

I believe in making the time divine.

Make time divine. What’s the difference? Well, under the concept of divine timing, many people get lost in a stasis phase where they loop through toxic patterns under the idea of ”do you and I’ll do me.” Not a whole lot of anything happens in most cases for years at a time, except avoidance and years of trying to ”heal” by waiting for this elusive divine time to arrive.

When you make the time divine, you acknowledge that at every corner of the day’s events, there is an opportunity for you to be empowered into actions that make your time divine. There is no avoidance. There’s respect for the temporary and fleeting reality that is life on Earth. The physical plane of being alive is respected, valued, and treated as a sacred impermanence. There is no convincing yourself into a static loop of waiting for ducks to align and pigs to fly. The time is always right, right now, because none of us knows how much time we actually have left.

I took up this personal philosophy many years ago in more reckless ways. Over the years, I was able to temper rash or ridiculous choices with better judgment. Many times in life, my personal and professional conflicts have happened with people stuck in a stasis mindset. It’s very hard to move forward when you’re convinced you’re perfectly fine exactly where you are for years at a time. The time is always divine. It’s up to us to make time divine for our individual goals, dreams, and long-term aspirations.

You can’t simply claim to know that ”carpe diem” is the secret when you don’t actually live it. How can you make time divine in this instance of your life? Right now.

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